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Boston, MA Metro Area Menu

         Boston, MA - Boston Photos
         Boston, MA - Public Garden Boston
         Boston, MA - July 4th Harborfest
         Boston, MA - King Richard's Faire
         Boston, MA - Plimonth Pilgrims
         Boston, MA - Roxbury
         Boston, MA - Zakim Bridge Boston
         Boston, MA - Provincetown

         All of Boston - MA Metro Area Boston

Boston, MA - Menu

         Boston, MA - Sunsrise Boston
         Boston, MA - Full Moon Boston
         Boston, MA - Cityscapes Boston
         Boston, MA - Buildings Boston
         Boston, MA - Snow Boston
         Boston, MA - Back Bay Magnolias
         Boston, MA - Fens ParkBoston
         Boston, MA - MFA Boston
         Boston, MA - Misc Boston

         All Boston, MA photographs Boston

Boston Public Garden Menu

         Boston Public Garden - Swans/Boats
         Boston Public Garden - Swan Pond
         Boston Public Garden - Footbridge
         Boston Public Garden - Snow
         Boston Public Garden - Night Walk
         Boston Public Garden - Flowers
         Boston Public Garden - Misc Boston
         Boston Back Bay - Magnolias

         All Boston public Garden Photos

Boston, MA Harborfest, July 4th - Menu

         Boston, July 4th - Constitution photos
         Boston, July 4th - Read Coats photos
         Boston, July 4th - Minutemen photos
         Boston, July 4th- Fireworks photos

         All Boston, July 4th photographs

Loire Valley France Menu

         Loire Valley France - Chateau Ambois
         Loire Valley France - Chateau Blois
         Loire Valley France - Chateau Chambord
         Loire Valley France - Chateau Chenoceau
         Loire Valley France - Chateau Cheverny
         Loire Valley France - Chateau Meung-Sur
         Loire Valley France - Chateau Azay-le-Rideau
         Loire Valley France - Chateau Villandry

         All Loire Valley France Chateaus

         Loire Valley France - Village Beaurgency
         Loire Valley France - Village Blois 1
         Loire Valley France - Village Blois 2
         Loire Valley France - Village Meung-Sur
         Loire Valley France - Village Orleans 1
         Loire Valley France - Village Orleans 2
         Loire Valley France - Village Orleans 3

         All Loire Valley France Villages

         All Loire Valley France Photos

Italy Menu

Italy - Rome Menu

         Rome - Colosseum
         Rome - Ancient Rome
         Rome - Capitoline Hill
         Rome - St. Peters
         Rome - Emmamuel
         Rome - Spanish Steps
         Rome - Piazza Novona
         Rome - Misc

         All Rome Photos

Italy - Venice Menu

         Venice - Rialto Bridge
         Venice - Grand Canal
         Venice - Other Canals
         Venice - San Marco
         Venice - Gondola

         All Venice Photos

         Italy - Florence photos

         All Italy photographs

Amsterdam's secenic canals - Menu

         Amsterdam - Amsterdam's historic center
         Amsterdam - Amsterdams's streets and canals
         Night - Photos from Amsterdam at night
         Haarlem - Photos from day trip to Haarlem
         Utrecht - Photos from day trip to Utrecht
         Hauge - Photos from day trip to Hauge
         Amersfoort - photos from day trip to Amersfoort
         Zaanse Schans - Day trip to Zaanse Schans

         All photos from Holland trip

Barefoot Windjammer Caribbean Cruise Menu

         Barefoot Windjammer Caribbean Cruise - Sunset
         Barefoot Windjammer Caribbean Cruise - Sunrise
         Barefoot Windjammer Caribbean Cruise - Sailing
         Barefoot Windjammer Caribbean Cruise - Beach
         Barefoot Windjammer Caribbean Cruise - The Rest

         All Barefoot Windjammer Caribbean Cruise photos

New York City - New York City Menu

         New York City - Times Square photos New York City
         New York City - World Trade Center Ctr New York City
         New York City - Brooklyn Bridge New York City
         911 Memorial
         New York City - Crysler Bldg New York City
         New York City - Metropolitan New York City
         New York City - Hudson River Sunset New York City
         New York City - Misc New York City

         All New York city photographs

Old Saybrook CT jume 2010 - Menu

         Old Saybrook - Sunset
         Old Saybrook - Beach
         Old Saybrook - Cottage
         Old Saybrook - People
         Old Saybrook - Birds
         Old Saybrook - Castle

         Old Saybrook All photographs

Dayton Beach spring break - Menu

         Dayton Beach spring break - The Sun photos
         Dayton Beach spring break - The Beach photos
         Dayton Beach spring break - The babes photos

         Dayton Beach spring break - All photos

Oahu, Hawaii - Hawaiian Menu

         Oahu, Hawaii - Sunsets photo Hawaiian
         Oahu, Hawaii - Beaches sunset photos
         Oahu, Hawaii - USS Arizona photos
         Oahu, Hawaii - Zoo photos
         Oahu, Hawaii - The Rest Hawaiian photos

         All Oahu, Hawaii Photographs

Carribean - Cancun Menu

         Cancun - Sunset/Sunrise
         Cancun - Chichen Itza
         Cancun - Coba/Tulum
         Cancun - Club MedVillage

         All Cancun Photographs

Carribean Travel Photography Menu

         Carribean - St. Thomas photos
         Carribean - Bermuda photos
         Carribean - Jamaica photos

         All Carribean Photographs

Boston, MA King Richard's Faire - Menu

         King Richard's Faire - Knights Photos
         King Richard's Faire - Sword play photos
         King Richard's Faire - The Rest photos

         All King Richard's Faire Photographs

Bar Harbor 2011

         Bar Harbor - Acadia Day 1
         Bar Harbor - Acadia Day 2
         Bar Harbor - Acadia Day 3
         Bar Harbor - Acadia Day 4
         Bar Harbor - Acadia Day 5
         Bar Harbor - Acadia Day 6
         Bar Harbor - Acadia Day 7

         All Bar Harbor - Acadia

Puerto Rico Menu Feb 2013

         Puerto Rico Day 1
         Puerto Rico Day 2
         Puerto Rico Day 3
         Puerto Rico Day 4
         Puerto Rico Day 5

         All Puerto Rico

Old Saybrook CT Menu

         Old Saybrok CT - Beach photos
         Old saybrook CT - Sunsets photos
         Old saybrook CT - The Rest Old Saybrook

         All Old Saybrook CT photos

New England Menu

         New England - Maine New England
         New England - Vermont New England

         All New England Photographs New England

Peggy's Cove Nova Scotia Menu Oct 2018

         Peggy's Cove
         The sea
         The Area


Venice Italy Menu Feb 2019

         Venice Day 1a
         Venice Day 1b
         Venice Day 2a
         Venice Day 2b
         Venice Day 3
         Venice Day 4
         Venice Day 5
         Venice Day 6


Keywest FL Travel Photography

Architecture Photographs


Photos of Jim Swenson

Red Soxs vs Yankees Sept 24, 2001

Tim Page (Parallel Play)

Police Code 99 - Roxbury 2007

New York City Oct 2009

JFK Nov 2009

NYC Nov 2009

Snow Storm Boston 12/20/2009

A Walk in the Park 01/03/2010

Old Saybrook Ct June 2010

New York City 06/21/2010

Revere Beach 08/18/2010

Susan Recital 12/05/2010

Christmads/Blizzarrd NYC 20010

Blizzard Jan 12, 2011 Boston

Labor Day Walkaround 2011 Boston

Occupy Boston 2011

Sunset Walkaround Boston 2011

Thansksgiving New York City 2011

Christmas New York City 2011

Karen & Max's Wedding Aug 25, 2012 NYC

Max's Birthday Party NYC

Paul & Dee Dee's 25th Anniversary

Shirely House July 13 2013

Hubbard Park Aug 24 2013

Fagerge Exhibit PEM Sept 10 2013

Thanksgivimg in New York Nov 2013

Shirely House Christmas Party Dec 2013

Boston Common Blizzard Jan 02 2014

Ham Shack Dec 24 2013

Arnold Arboretum Boston April 24 2014

Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market Boston May 20 2014

New Ride - June 6, 2014

Plum Island - July 5, 2014

Boston Bike Party - July 11, 2014

Full Moon Backbay Boston - July 12, 2014

Spectale ISLAND Boston Harbor - July 19, 2014

Glouster MA - July 22, 2014

Marthas Vineyard - July 29, 2014

Sara's baby Shower Aug 10, 2014

Lake Compounce Aug 9, 2014

Caribbean Festival Boston - Aug 23, 2014

Museum of Fine Arts Boston - Aug 6, 2014

Grand Niece - Oct 9, 2014

Christmas Toronto 2015

Southington Road Trip - March 21, 2015

New York Road Trip - April 11-12, 2015

Fall Foliage 2017 - White Mountians NH Oct 5th

Southern Maine Road Trip - June 15, 16, 2018